Ground Based Observation Stations


The following is a list of ground-based observation sites which may generate data of interest during joint ground-based/space-based campaigns including IACG campaigns and other campaigns involving the IACG core spacecraft. The lists include all of the observation sites known to the author and are intended as a planning tool for combined space-based and ground-based campaigns and a support tool for the subsequent coordinated data analysis activities. A number of the pages are under construction and may contain incomplete information; please send additions and corrections to Michael J Teague. The following information is included in these pages:

The networks listed are used in conjunction with world map plots showing the magnetic foottracks and sub-satellite points of relevant spacecraft during certain campaign periods:

The following are summary plots of the ground-station coverage:

Certain ground-based observatories are formally associated with the Global Geospace Science (GGS) project and routinely provide Key Parameter data to the Central Data Handling Facility (CDHF) at GSFC:

A variety of these Key Parameter data are available from the Science Planning and Operations Facility and the National Space Science Data Center.

The following additional project sites are identified:

The following additional networks sites are given: